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I’m excited to share a link to my guest post, “Social Media and the Introverted Author”, on Amber Daulton’s website.

Follow the link below for the post, but stick around to check out her books. You may have caught my recent review for Harmony’s Embrace. I’m looking forward to following up with some of her other titles. Amber’s site also includes book reviews that may point you in the direction of your next read.

Many thanks to Amber for including me!

The Bootlegger’s Wife – Denise Devine

Thank you to Denise Devine for a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.


Charlotte LeDoux’s nine-year marriage to bootlegging kingpin, Gus “Lucky” LeDoux, is falling apart. The same day Char learns she’s pregnant, she catches Gus in the act of adultery and it’s clear he has no intention of ending the affair. Soon after, their night club is raided by Federal agents. As she flees from the chaos, Char becomes separated from Gus and she’s faced with a choice: search out her fugitive husband or change her identity and disappear. With her life in shambles and her future in doubt, she knows what she must do to protect her child.

Char alters her appearance and takes a job in domestic service for a private investigator. At first, living in Will Van Elsberg’s home is quiet, comfortable and safe, but everything changes the day Gus seeks out Will to find his missing wife. As Will’s investigation closes in on her, Char must once again make a decision. Should she run away again or face her violent husband and fight for her freedom? With her back to the wall, Char discovers she has more strength and determination than she ever thought possible.


  • I loved that this book takes place during the roaring twenties.  The mention of any story from this era turns my head.  The expertly detailed setting had me feeling like I’d immediately been transported back in time.
  • I loved that the first chapter was action packed and ended on a cliffhanger.  There are few things greater for a book addict than knowing they need to read a book to the end.
  • I loved the disappearing and reinvention arc of Charlotte LeDoux.
  • I loved that every prediction I made about where the story would veer next was completely wrong.
  • I loved the pacing of this story.  There was never a dull moment.  When I had to put the story down, I could not wait to pick it up again.  Every chapter ended with me wanting to read ahead.
  • I loved never being totally certain of Will’s intentions.  Keep me guessing and I’ll keep reading.
  • I loved the bits of Charlotte’s backstory that were deftly woven in.  It was just enough to make me hope for a prequel.
  • I loved that there were so many different elements to the story.  There was heartbreak, hope, drive, and danger.
  • I loved that this book read like a movie I’d like to watch.
  • I loved that this is the first book in a series.  Charlotte’s new life was just beginning and I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to her.  Good storytelling is the art of creating characters the reader cares about.  Denise Devine accomplished this beautifully.


This story starts off strong and will keep readers transfixed until the last page.  The vivid details create an overwhelming sense of being transported back in time to 1925.  There was never a dull moment.  Every chapter will leave readers needing to know what will happen next.  Throw your predictions out the window.  Charlotte is full of surprises – right up until the end of the book.  The pacing was excellent with twists and turns.   This multi-faceted story offers a tale of heartbreak, hope, drive, and danger.  As the story ends, Charlotte’s life is just beginning.  Readers won’t be ready to say good-bye to her.  Good storytelling is the art of creating characters the reader cares about.  Denise Devine accomplished this beautifully.  Thankfully, this is only the first in the Moonshine Madness Series.

Author Interview with This Writer’s Life

Thank you to Susan Palmquist at This Writer’s Life for including me as a guest blogger this week. I continue to be amazed at the positive author support I’ve encountered in the writing community!

This is a site worth checking out. Each week you’ll find articles on motivation, writing prompts, and tips on writing and publishing.

Harmony’s Embrace – By Amber Daulton

Thank you to Amber Daulton for an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.


Divorced dad Birley Haynes is raising two children and running his family’s music academy. This leaves little time for romance until his high school sweetheart, Harmony Holdich, returns home to Willow Springs, Vermont for Christmas.

After the death of her unfaithful husband, Harmony plans to move across the
country for a fresh start once the holidays are over. Birley presents an unexpected complication to those plans.

As Birley tries to convince her to stay, an outside threat jeopardizes the safety of
his family and business.


  • I loved that this story grabbed my attention immediately.  Generally, if this doesn’t happen, I have difficulty finishing a book.  Harmony’s Embrace held my full attention from the first page until the last.
  • I loved the instant familiarity between Birley and Harmony.  Their prior history as high school sweethearts woven throughout left me with a sense that I knew them as teenagers as well as adults.  Seeing their growth over the years gave me all the more reason to root for them as a couple.
  • I loved that the setting was a small Vermont town during the Christmas season.  It’s a perfect read for this time of year.
  • I loved that, although this is a romance novel, there was also a focus on family.  Birley’s roles as father, brother, and son brought him to life on the page.  Readers will become invested in wanting to see Harmony fully immerse herself in his world.
  • I loved the element of danger infused throughout the story.  It provided an extra dose of excitement and kept the pages turning.
  • I love that this book is part of a multi-author Deerbourne Inn series.  It can be read as a stand-alone, but leaves the reader wanting to delve into the lives of other characters as well.
  • I love that the end of the book gifted me with a few deliciously appealing recipes.


This story will grab your attention immediately and hold it from the first page until the last. The familiarity between Birley and Harmony, stemming from their high school sweetheart history, will have you rooting for them from their first meeting on the page. The reader grows to know them as teenagers and adults, thereby gaining a true sense of their growth over the years. The element of danger infused throughout the story provides an additional dose of excitement as the pages keep turning. There’s nothing like setting a romance novel in a small Vermont town during the holiday season to evoke a festive spirit. This is a fantastic book to kick off your holiday reading list!

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Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through The Wild Rose Press, Books to Go Now, and Daulton Publishing, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and demanding cats.

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