Write Stuff Wednesday: Body Language

It’s Write Stuff Wednesday, and today I’m talking about body language. Character’s aren’t talking heads in a space free of objects, colors, movements, and other people. Facial expressions, actions while speaking, small gestures, and movements by others all come into play in the real world. These elements must also exist in the story world. Below are a few of the sites I find helpful when my mind draws a blank for words other than “nodded” and “grinned”.

Movement with Dialogue
The entire site offers a wealth of helpful writing information.

Photo by Joe L on Pexels.com

Bryn Donovan’s Master List of Body language and Gestures
Be sure to spend some time checking out the countless other lists and articles on writing she has shared.

Photo by Vera Arsic on Pexels.com

400+ Facial Expressions
Stick around for the many other resources such as Writing Tips, Writing Tools, and Word Lists (to name a few).

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Body Language Cheat Sheet
Snippet below – see link for full list.

Writing Mistakes Writers Make: Basic Character Descriptions
I came across this article last week and appreciated the suggestions to move beyond many common mistakes.

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