Book in the Spotlight: Don’t Mess with Me (Berkshire Mystery Series)

Please join me in welcoming Mary Ann Jacobs. Today we are spotlighting Don’t Mess With Me, Book 1 in the Berkshire Mystery Series. I love cozy mysteries that include a group of amateur sleuths working to solve a mystery. Factor in the beautiful Berkshires, and I’m ready to read!


Title: Don’t Mess with Me

Series: Berkshire Mystery Series

Author: Mary Ann Jacobs

Genre: Cozy Mystery


Sheriff Houtman, who left Boston to have a more peaceful career, finds himself faced with two murders and a kidnapping. He is challenged by a band of amateur sleuths who doubt his competence. Will his conclusions hold, or will he have to admit defeat? Unfortunately, Sheriff Houtman’s judgement is impaired because of his infatuation with Sadie, and his immediate suspicion of a homeless teen that Robin and Sadie befriended.

Robin George narrates the story. She is a widow with a young son who moves to the Berkshires after her beloved husband died. Her bookstore, Bookworms, and Sweet Indulgences, her best friend Sadie’s restaurant, become the hubs for Robin’s amateur detective group where they plan how to solve the local crimes and exonerate Billy, the Sheriff’s main suspect.

Will they prove the Sheriff wrong?


I have taught writing in elementary school, high school, and college. I am now a writer, a teacher of Creative Writing, and a writing coach.  Some of my essays have been published in Moida Quarterly Magazine, Kentucky Monthly Magazine, Motherwell online, KRTA News, and Teachers of Vision Magazine.  I have published poems in various publications including Elephants Never online, SOS Arts Cincinnati, and The Kentucky English Bulletin.

I enjoy writing essays, poetry, mysteries, and children’s books. I am excited that my cozy mystery, Don’t Mess with Me in the Berkshire Mystery Series is published by The Wild Rose Press. It is available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback.









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