Happy St. Patrick’s Day: A Few Books Perfect for the Season

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today I’m sharing a few of my all-time favorite books/authors fitting the season. Originally an O’Connor, it’s no surprise that I enjoy novels set in Ireland. I welcome any any relevant additions to add to this list.

Circle of Friends

Benny and Eve leave their small village for university in Dublin and meet the beautiful Nan Mahlon and Jack Foley. Their story of heartbreak, secrets, love, lies, and friendship kept me glued to each and every page. I read this for the first time just before heading off to my own freshman year of college and discovered one of my favorite authors. This is a book that drew me back for another read. Years later, I enjoyed recommending it to my daughter as she left for school.


Jewels of the Sun

Jewels of the Sun was my first introduction to Nora Roberts, and it was love at first read. Ready for a fresh start, Jude Murray leaves America for the greener views in Ireland and lands at the Faerie Hill Cottage where the legends, visions, and lore linger with the reader long after turning the last page. And, of course, there’s handsome Aidan Gallagher, now managing the family pub after years spent traveling, who finds himself drawn to Jude. I loved everything about this book.


Tears of the Moon

One can’t have too much of a good thing. And joy of joys, I was gifted with another opportunity to immerse myself in the Irish village of Ardmore to spend time with some old friends. This second book in the series focuses on Shawn Gallagher and Brenna O’Toole. For years, Brenna has carried a torch for Shawn. So much fun is found in these pages while watching the romance play out between the songwriter and the tomboy.


Heart of the Sea

Last, but not least, we have Heart of the Sea. When you get to know Darcy Gallagher a bit better, don’t be surprised to find yourself rooting for a gold-digger. Who hasn’t spent a few minutes dreaming of the glamorous life? Enter the rich American, Trevor Magee. Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in fate?


The Irish Village Mysteries

No post about most-loved books is complete without a cozy mystery or two. And no list of cozy mysteries is complete without mentioning Carlene O’Connor. Murder at an Irish Bakery is the 9th installment in the series and follows Siobhan and her husband Garda as they work to solve the murder of a baking contestant on a reality show. Time is of the essence before another victim is targeted.


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