Book in the Spotlight: Before Dawn, by Laura F. Murphy 

Please join me in welcoming Laura F. Murphy. Today we are spotlighting Before Dawn. Fans of contemporary chick lit and forbidden romance are sure to enjoy a blend of both genres with this novel.


Title: Before Dawn  

Author: Laura F. Murphy 

Genre: Contemporary chick lit 


Feisty New Yorker, Max, falls for her mysterious coworker, Tommy, who is fourteen years her senior. Wanting to please him and meet his beauty standards she conflictingly conceals her natural hair from him and avoids tanning so her skin doesn’t get too dark. Max tightly holds onto their forbidden romance while trying to figure out who she is and her place in a world she doesn’t always fit in. Too caught up with her feelings she becomes oblivious to the consequences of her actions. As tragedy strikes Max has to face her own worst enemy, herself.  


It is imperative that I create characters that are strong and likable, despite their flaws.  Nothing about the main characters I pen are black and white. They are all multi-layered individuals who may not always make the right choices, but most times learn from their shortcomings. I try to keep the storylines relevant and realistic by addressing topics such as family relationships, friendship, relationships, mental health, amongst other topics that many women can relate to.  

As a Haitian American writer I find it necessary to have diversity in my writing. What makes this novel unique besides the multi-layered characters and strong storylines are the strong dialogue that captivates readers and makes this book a page turner.    

In 2009, my dream came true when my first young adult novel, Reckless Perfection, was published. I received multiple positive reviews on the coming of age story. In 2016 I published the sequel to the above novel, Chasing Ghosts which was also well received. Other than several book signings, interviews, and book festivals I created a few YouTube videos for both books that have over thousands of views.    







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