Author Interview with C. B. Clark, Forging Forgiveness

Please join me in welcoming author C.B Clark for an interview and preview of her romantic suspense novel, Forging Forgiveness. Read how she used a medical leave as a launch pad toward a successful writing career.


Title: Forging Forgiveness

Author: C.B. Clark

Genre: Romantic Suspense


When small-town college instructor Candace Cooper discovers bloody, bare footprints in the snow while running in a state park deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, it brings back the horrific nightmare of her past.

Detective Aiden Farrell is determined to redeem himself in his new position in Colorado, even if that means ignoring his growing feelings for the beautiful professor he meets during an investigation. His fear that the footprints she saw are connected to a recent spate of missing teens intensifies when Candace is assaulted on campus.

Aiden and Candace join forces, but as they start unraveling the truth, they get closer to each other—and to a killer who’ll stop at nothing to achieve his nefarious goal. 

Caught between duty and love, Aiden fights in a race against time to save the woman he loves.


What was the inspiration behind your latest release? 

The idea behind the plot in Forging Forgiveness has been in the back of my mind for years. I love to hike, and one day I was out in the woods in the late fall and came across a set of bare human footprints impressed in the mud. Immediately, I started thinking about the story behind the footprints. The who, the why, the what if? All the questions that start a story.

When did you begin writing? 

A botched operation on my throat several years ago resulted in me losing my ability to speak above a whisper for a year. I was on medical leave from work, and I needed something to challenge my mind. Since I’ve always loved reading romance fiction, I decided to try my hand at writing one. Now my voice is back, and I have eight published romantic suspense novels and three audio books.

What has been your biggest challenge? 

Writer’s Block. No question. These past few stressful years have made it difficult to write. To restore my creativity, I’ve focused on the positives in this world. Getting out into nature and experiencing the beauty of the wilderness have helped. Setting a daily routine of sitting in front of my computer and writing something…anything…has helped as well.

What writing tips would you like to share? 

Write. Every day. As Nora Roberts, the undisputed queen of romance fiction has said, “You can’t edit a blank page.” Even if what you’re writing is not award-winning prose, just the fact you’re writing trains the creative part of your brain. More often than not, you’ll find some gold in the lines you wrote.

Which authors inspire you?

There are so many wonderful, talented authors. Some of my favorites are Nora Roberts, Allison Brennan, Diana Gabaldon, and Sandra Brown. These women write edge-of-your-seat, exciting books with strong female protagonists and intriguing heroes.


Forging Forgiveness is award-winning author, C.B. Clark’s eighth novel published by The Wild Rose Press. When she’s not busy traveling around the globe or hiking and camping in the wilderness near her home in northern British Columbia, she can be found in front of her laptop plotting her next story.








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11 thoughts on “Author Interview with C. B. Clark, Forging Forgiveness

  1. First, I hope you eventually recovered from that surgery! Sounds challenging. But look at the results! Wonderful writing. This book sounds intriguing–as does your inspiration for it. What a surprise you must have had when you saw the footprints. This book is on by TBR list for sure. Good luck with the release.

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