Book in the Spotlight: Deception Pass, by Norm Harris

Please join me in welcoming author Norm Harris. Today we are spotlighting Deception Pass, Book 3 in the Spider Green Mystery Thriller Series.


Title: Deception Pass (Spider Green Mystery Thriller Series Book 3)

Author: Norm Harris

Genre: Legal Military Mystery Thriller and Time Travel


A girl travels back in time to that never never land of spies and samovars. To the land of bears, bombs, babushkas, and borscht. To the land where anything can happen and often does. An American ship on course in the Pacific experiences an event unlike anything that any ship, anywhere, has ever undergone.

Faydra “Spider” Green has had a storied career as a Navy lawyer, all while juggling being the daughter of a former U.S. president. She has successfully navigated intricate diplomatic situations, pulse-pounding legal investigations, and dangerous military missions, managing each time to save the day. But now a man who had nearly cost Fay her life has seemingly returned from the dead. Now, hellbent on revenge, he poses a threat to Fay and national security. Fay will have to go to extraordinary lengths to stop him, even tampering with the bounds of time and space.


She considered shutting the cell off. A message could be left. Yet, she was curious why her cell had service deep inside the hull of the Green to begin with. She glanced at the screen. It had to be urgent, and Jon never called. He only showed up unannounced in her bedroom when he felt the need to talk.

Fay spoke up. “Gentlemen, I have an urgent call. Can we take five?”

Admiral Cartright said, “Let’s take five, everyone.”

Fay said to JP, “It’s Jon Shaman. Come with.”

The two women rose and exited the room.

JP said, “What’s up?”

“I don’t know,” Fay replied. “Jon has something he said I need to see.”

“This is the same Jon who has little use for anything technology, unless it’s spy stuff related?” JP asked.

The ladies found an out-of-the-way spot in the passageway.

Fay called Jon back. “Jon!” she said in greeting. “This is unusual for you! What’s up, man?”

“Faydra, I want you to see this,” he replied. A photo of the upper torso of a woman was then displayed on her cell screen.

It took several seconds for it to register in her mind. “Jon… it’s me?” Fay guessed. “Well, it looks like me posing as Faye King. What is this?”

“A woman found dead yesterday in New York City.”


Except for time spent in military service I live in the Pacific Northwest with my legal-beagle son K-K. and seven large tropical fish from the Amazon River. I am a second-generation Seattleite (that’s what they call those of us who dwell in the shadow of Mr. Rainier). I have had the opportunity to travel our planet many times over. My stories are created from my memories of my personal experiences, the places I have visited, and the people and friends I have known.







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