Book in the Spotlight: A Gem of a Murder, by Mariah Lynne

Please join me in welcoming author Mariah Lynne. A Gem of a Murder is in the spotlight today!


Title: A Gem of A Murder –A Seabliss Island Mystery

Author: Mariah Lynne

Genre: Cozy mystery with a touch of the paranormal


A sleepy Florida Gulf Coast Beach town suddenly comes alive as two best friends, local merchant Mariah Linley and island psychic Moonbeam find themselves in the middle of some pretty strange business after Mariah discovers their friend, a local sea captain, dead.

 As events begin to unfold, the two novice sleuths are drawn into a web of murder, deception, and drugs that stretches as far west as Mexico and as far south as the Keys.

Loaded with unique characters doing surprising things, A Gem of a Murder is a cozy mystery that is set in 1986 and laced with a little romance. With a backdrop of stunning locations, A Gem of a Murder will take you on a memorable vacation without ever leaving home!

So grab your sunscreen and park that imaginary lounge chair in the sand under some swaying palm trees, but all the while, watch your back. There’s a murderer on the loose!


I was born in New Jersey. My father was an Italian immigrant who taught Latin and Classical Italian at a small local college before opening his own business, an independent print shop. My mother loved to help people and volunteered at our church and with charitable groups. She was a talented lace maker and loved to crochet and knit; her father, also from Italy, was a custom furrier and tailor for some of the most affluent residents of our community. Unfortunately I didn’t inherit any of those wonderful talents since I’m not fluent in a foreign language and am barely able to sew on a button but one thing I did inherit from my parents especially my father was the love of a good story. feel-good stories of dreams, family, and romance.

I am a graduate of Syracuse University and reside on a beautiful Southwest Florida Gulf Coast island. My island lifestyle serves as the backdrop for all of my stories whether romance or cozy mystery. Before writing fiction, I owned and operated a video store on the island like my character Mariah Linley and became very active in my national trade association meeting many movie stars and famous athletes. Although brief, these encounters made for some amazing memories.

I love to write and create memorable characters. Pets are my passion and I served on the board of directors for a county wide no-kill shelter. Because of this, all of my heroines have pets like Spike, Mariah’s German shepherd crossed with a teddy bear in “A Gem of a Murder.” When not writing, I still enjoy watching movies, travelling (even though we were stranded in beautiful Australia for eight days during March of 2020 because of the pandemic), swimming, and spending time with my husband Jerry.  




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Twitter: @MariahLynn1





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