Secrets, Shame, and a Shoebox, by L.B. Griffin

Please join me in welcoming L.B. Griffin sharing details about her new release. Secrets, Shame, and a Shoebox is a historical romance filled with mystery and suspense.


When Harriet Laws loses her grandmother and her job, her happy life in London seems over. Alone, grief-stricken and penniless, she thinks wildly about ending it all. Fate steps in as Tom Fletcher saves her, gives her hope, and guides her to new employment. He takes her to dinner, and she finds him attractive. He’s older, but she doesn’t mind. Does he? Tom, a quiet, hardworking man, is unsure of Harriet’s feelings, but he’s also very busy building his business interests. So it’s no wonder a suave, sophisticated man walks off with Harriet right under Tom’s nose. What follows, no one could have predicted, as Harriet not only loses contact with all her friends but must again fight for her very life…will she ever see Tom again?

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Q&A with D.B. Griffin

What was the inspiration behind your latest release?

It is my debut novel, but the inspiration was to show just how courageous women can be and are in the face of adversity and come out strong.  Those people I write about are inspirational.

Where do you get your ideas? Do ideas for plot or characters appear first?

Great question, though I’m not sure I can give you a straight answer. For my debut novel the plot was definitely first, followed swiftly by the characters. In all my books I’ve found there is a running theme. Courage and survival. You see, over the years I’ve been in an amazing position to teach and work with wonderful groups of people. I’ve been on the front line listening to their stories and they have taught me so much, it has been a truly humbling experience. Knowledge is key to writing plots and knowing your characters. My stories are a fusion of everything I have ever learned. 

Have you ever traveled when researching information for a book?

Yes. For example I’ve been to London numerous times, but recently revisited, and took my granddaughter to see it through her eyes. That was a fab experience.  

When did you begin writing?

I’ve been writing for years, though never had the confidence to send any of my work until a friend said “you better get it out there before you pop your clogs mate!” That was a bit of a wakeup call. After considering her words I thought did I really want my epitaph to read shoulda woulda coulda?

How many hours do you dedicate each day toward writing?

Phew, that is a hard one. Some days I can write for hours. Other times I just get twenty minutes or so drive in me as I can be pulled in many directions. It was different when I wrote around the full time paid job. I really had to be more organized. I often left the house toothbrush in hand, flinging on shoes but with my brain still typing on the keyboard but having to rush to get to work!

What has been your biggest challenge?

I guess you are asking me in relation to writing, so I have to answer honestly – 1. Being brave enough to send it to a publishers. I am incredibly shy, though no-one would believe it and marketing myself was a huge struggle, still is.

What does literary success mean to you?

When I got my novel published and held it in my hands. Goodness. That was really strange. To see copies are being sold in Waterstones and available all over the world. I can’t believe how many copies have been sold to date! I know I’m not in the same genre pool as the big names, but I do have to pinch myself from time to time, amazed at the fab reviews. I really never believed it would happen.

What marketing tips or advice would you like to share?

I write a blog, for budding writers. It’s lovely to hear from so many people. I love it when they say they found a post really helpful. It gives me a bit of a happy buzz so I carry on.

Marketing, as every writer knows, is really hard. Unless I guess you are in JK Rowling’s league, and can afford to pay for all that stuff. I don’t believe in wasting money on marketing in the huge sense. After all it would wipe out any royalties I might get, so I ask myself what the point is. From everything I have learned from the great bunch of TWRP authors, there doesn’t seem to be one ad, or promo place that makes you money (if that is what you are after). For me I’m happy with my lot. Just getting my book read is fantastic and payment enough. Don’t give up on your dream, if a gran can, so can you!

Which authors inspire you?

Hmm. I read so much it would be hard to put my finger on just one author. Roald Dahl is one for sure. Palahniuk, Kesey, Steinbeck.

What project are you currently working on?

I have two projects on the go. The Twenty One Year Contract, follows on from Secrets, Shame and a Shoebox. They are intertwined but also standalones. The other project is strictly confidential at the moment.  

Upcoming books, events, appearances, giveaweays?

Kindle version of Secrets, Shame and a Shoebox has been reduced for the holiday season. I hope that people will find it more affordable, say as a stocking filler or to download for friends and family, who love a good read. Iceland’s tradition of sitting with family on Christmas Eve reading, sounds like an excellent one!

About the Author

LB Griffin is happily married and retired and still has plans to trek around the world. When she returned from Spain, Covid raised its ugly head and sadly changed people’s lives forever. However, it was then a whole new chapter in her life was born. She was offered a contract for her debut novel and the day after, had another wonderful surprise, the safe arrival of her fifth grandchild.

LB Griffin loves her family, writing, reading a good book, being with friends and British strawberries.

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Twitter: @LBGriffinAuthor

Facebook @lynngriffinauthor

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