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LOVE LIST: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë

Published in 1847, Jane Eyre follows the title character from a traumatic childhood into adulthood. An orphan, she is raised by a cruel aunt and tormented by her cousins. Only one servant, Bessie, bestows the occasional kindness towards her. Sent away to the Lowood School, she is further demeaned by the headmaster. When the inhumane conditions are made public, Jane’s life improves with his exit. After serving the last two of her eight years as a teacher, she accepts a position as governess at Thornfield Manor. This move leads her on a gripping journey of love and despair.

  • I love reading classics, but Jane Eyre topped my list this summer. Despite its date of publication, I found it to be as riveting now as I’m sure it must have been then.
  • I loved that the story began with Jane’s childhood. There’s nothing like a meeting a heroine as a child and having a front row seat as she overcomes every harrowing experience thrown at her to eventually emerge into a fearless, independent woman.
  • I loved that, rarely, Jane would directly speak to the reader. Every so often, she let me know that she knew I was along for the ride.
  • I loved that the setting descriptions were ‘just enough’.
  • I loved the fact that I have yet to watch a movie adaptation of Jane Eyre that lives up to the words on the page. This gives me more of an incentive to keep trying. I’m open to suggestions!

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