Write Stuff Wednesday: Writer’s Block

It’s Write Stuff Wednesday, and today I’m thinking about those moments when the words refuse to flow. Writer’s block is not limited to moments when authors draw a blank mid-novel.  This wordless predicament can creep up when engaging in any number of other tasks related to a career in writing. THE SYNOPSIS Summarize all ofContinue reading “Write Stuff Wednesday: Writer’s Block”

Book in the Spotlight: Body Snatched, By Ana Diamond

Please join me in welcoming Ana Diamond. Today we are spotlighting Body Snatched. One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but this one would have me snatching it off a shelf. Look no further if you’re in need of a new cozy mystery to top off your TBR pile. ABOUT THE BOOK: Title: Body SnatchedContinue reading “Book in the Spotlight: Body Snatched, By Ana Diamond”

Write Stuff Wednesday: Online Writing Resources

Below is a list of online resources that I found helpful on my road to publication. I welcome any additions to the list as I continue this writing journey. Jane FriedmanCountless writing articlesComprehensive list of resources for authors https://www.bryndonovan.com/ Invaluable Masters ListsHow-to articles Writing Inspiration https://annerallen.com/ Lots of information on getting publishedVariety of resources forContinue reading “Write Stuff Wednesday: Online Writing Resources”

Book Bundle in the Spotlight: Feisty Lawyers Bundle, by Seelie Kay

Please join me in welcoming Seelie Kay. Today we are spotlighting her Feisty Lawyers Series bundle NOW ON SALE FOR $7.50 AT http://www.extasybooks.com . ABOUT THE BOOK: Titles: Three books from the five-book Feisty Lawyers series, including Snatching Dianna, Infamy, and Cult Author: Seelie Kay  Genre: Romantic Suspense Price: $7.50 Feisty Lawyers Series They’re smart. They’re feisty.Continue reading “Book Bundle in the Spotlight: Feisty Lawyers Bundle, by Seelie Kay”

Author Interview with Kim Janine Ligon

Please join me in welcoming Kim Janine Ligon, author of Polly’s List. I’m always happy to share a new cozy mystery, but learning about the inspiration behind the story is a bonus. My characters have definitely kept me awake at night. But I’m wondering how common it is for characters to appear in authors’ dreams.Continue reading “Author Interview with Kim Janine Ligon”